Dogs and Pussies

You all the know the proverb “Dog is the best friend of a man”,right. But why? And you would have also heard ” Men are dogs.”
Why do they say stuff like this?
My theory says in case of dogs,they are like friends men have. Like some are expensive to get,you have to spend a lot of money to buy them. The same way you have to spend a lot of money on show off to make friends who are good looking or are good breeds. Well, sometimes you may find a good friend in them but not the best one.
Then some are a bit cheap,you know the middle class ones,well they don’t need a lot of spending and are well adaptable to your living standards. They do make good friends most of the times.
And then you can also make friends out of the stray ones. If you bring a stray dog/friend to your house and let them stay or provide them with basic amenities. They’ll be more than grateful to you. He’ll be your best friend even though if you recognise it or not.

And no matter whether it’s a puppy or a well grown dog,they can always be your friend.

But cats,well for starters no matter how much you say it’s domestic too. Remember cats have only been domesticated since last 3000-4000 years while dogs for 9000-10000 years.
And if you take it from a young age then maybe you’ll be able to keep it in the house for a while but the moment it starts mixing with the stray cats outside it will fuck your life up. It will from time to time keep reminding you who’s the boss of the house.
And don’t even think you can make a pet out of a grown up stray cat. They have already explored the wild side.
You tell a dog to stay,it freezes. You tell ’em to fetch it will fetch. Heck,it will even play dead for your silly games.
You tell a cat something and it will stare at you like why? Why should I do it? Who the fuck are you?
You tell it not to do something,and it will surely do it. “Don’t you dare push that glass off the table,kitty” bam! There goes your glassware and then she’ll walk off proudly as if she didn’t give a fuck.
You dog breaks something,it’ll be hiding from you in guilt for hours,man.
If there is a danger,your dog is gonna come running to save you.
The cat on the other hand might get your life in danger and walk away without giving a fuck, again.

So no matter how much you love pussies, don’t think of getting a cat,man. If you want a pussy,fine have it till it feels good for both of ya. But remember there is a reason they call it a pussy,because it belongs to a feline group.
Dogs will show you the same kind of affection even if you return to them after years.
Cats,they’ll leave you the instant someone shows them a bigger sausage than you used to feed them or where there is more money or maybe better looking man than you or maybe just bored from you. They are strange I’m telling you.



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